Saturday, December 15, 2007

Western North Carolina Landslide Update for Mountain Air Resort

Mountain Air Resort property owners have experienced significant and potentially irreparable landslide damage. According to court documents, "in 2003 the foundations of two buildings of the five unit Austin View Villas began cracking and in late 2004 the foundations of the Units began and/or continued moving and sliding on the side of the mountain upon which the Units had been constructed, causing the foundations, wall structures, floors, and other components of the Units to crack and to deteriorate substantially. As a consequence, the Units became-and remain-completely uninhabitable." The owners have been "deprived entirely of the use and enjoyment of their homes since January 2005." For more information about this lawsuit,( 07 CvS 19), and Western North Carolina landslide property damage please visit A trial date has been scheduled for August 2008.

During the summer of 2004, the Hemlock Bluff units which are adjacent to the Austin View Villas, began shifting on their slope sites. "As a result of this moving and sliding, the foundations, wall structures, floors, and other components of the Hemlock Bluff units cracked and deteriorated, causing substantial damages." This complaint,( 06 CvS 51), was settled out of court.

The Mountain Air Resort slope failures are not unusual. In fact, Western North Carolina landslides cause frequent financial distress to property owners throughout the region. It is remarkable however, that the news media has chosen not to report on landslide property damage in a nationally known mountain resort. Filings show property loss in excess of $5 million. The property owners' complaint against Mountain Air Development Corporation is news worthy. How can investors make informed decisions about buying real estate in Mountain Air Resort or any other Western North Carolina mountain slope community if this information is hidden from public view?

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