Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Slope Problems in Laurelmor

The following is from Soil Nail Launcher, Inc.

Mr. Bob Oelberg, VP for Planning for the distinctive Ginn-Laurelmor development along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Boone, North Carolina contacted Soil Nail Launcher, Inc. with some problems. A consultant had advised that geologic conditions would not allow construction of a critical access road.

This is just what Soil Nail Launcher, Inc. likes to hear! Of course we can do it. What's the next question?

Well the next question was that Mr. Oelberg explained that traditional shotcrete facings on Super Nailed slopes were not esthetically compatible with the theme at Ginn-Laurelmor. So Al Ruckman put his creative mind to the task and developed Soil Nail Launcher, Inc.'s latest innovation, the BioWall™. The look and feel of our BioWall™ is a dramatic improvement over shotcrete on this project.

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