Friday, August 28, 2009

Disclosure of Private Roadway Document


State of North Carolina

County of Haywood

Disclosure of Private Roadway


RE: Lot____, _______________ Subdivision

This disclosure is given in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes Section 136-102.6. In connection with the purchase by you of Lot____ of the ___________ Subdivision, as shown on a map recorded in Plat Cabinet ______, Slot____________ of the Haywood County Registry, this is to advise that the ______ foot wide roadway shown thereon leading from ________ Road and serving the subdivision is designated on that map as a private road and not a public road. All of the property owners of property facing on this private road have easements with each other in order to travel over and across this roadway. As a private road, and not a public road, the responsibility for maintenance of this road is upon the property owners although the undersigned shall have the right to improve said roadway to the extent it deems appropriate. No representation is made to you that construction of this roadway is sufficient to be included in the state secondary road system or that the State of North Carolina would eventually assume maintenance of this roadway.

This __________day of _____________, 1987.


The undersigned purchasers of Lot_____ of _____________Subdivision
(Cabinet____, Slot_____, Haywood County Registry), do hereby acknowledge receipt of the above disclosure statement.

This the_______ day of ______________, 1987



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