Monday, September 21, 2009

Western North Carolina Landslides May Be Triggered by Heavy Rainfall

National Weather Service Bulletin—September 21, 2009
This National Weather Service notification serves as warning that Western North Carolina landslides and slope failures are expected events during periods of heavy rainfall.

The recent heavy rainfall across the area from Macon County to Henderson County North Carolina has increased the risk of slope failures and landslides if more heavy rain develops across the southern mountains today. An additional two or three inches…if it falls in a of period of one or two hours…could be enough to trigger slope movements…especially where hillsides have been modified by human activity.
In September 2004 Western North Carolina was in a state of emergency after landslides caused loss of life and widespread property damage.


Pam Williams said...

It has been rough for Maggie Valley during these rains. Several areas have flooded and erosion has taken place. "Creep" is constantly with me, and I continue to wait for the Earth to claim herself She should.

Anonymous said...

Note that Land Resource LLC big cheese Mr. Ward has been arrested this week for the murder of his wife. He's been living in an Orlando-area mansion he purchased from Arnold Palmer four years ago that is in foreclosure. What a huge mess for this man ...