Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jackson County, NC Real Estate Landslide/Soil Hazard Disclosure Statement

Jackson County, NC Real Estate
Landslide/Soil Hazard Situation Report


Photos of landslide damage to a Jackson County, NC home. The property, auctioned by Williams & Williams; is located at 808 Hawks Ridge Dr. Whittier, NC 28789  in the Hawks Ridge Subdivision.  Williams & Williams provided the following soil condition caveat:
Soil Instability Disclosure. This Property has been identified as possibly being effected by soil instability. In some instances, soil instability can be associated with landslides, rock falls, foundation shifting problems, or settlement and cracking problems. Buyer should conduct an investigation prior to bidding, to determine whether or not the property contains said defect and the extent of any possible problem. Buyer shall undertake said investigation at their expense, and any offer of purchase shall not be contingent upon the results of such investigation. Bidding on this Property at auction is Buyer's confirmation of their election to accept said property “as-is, where-is,” and Buyer's agreement to assume all responsibility for any necessary repairs or remediation. Buyer further understands that neither the Seller, nor Williams & Williams, or their agents make any assertions or guarantees as to the condition of the Property.
Buyers received fair warning on the Hawks Ridge property, but soil instability disclosures do not appear on other Jackson County,NC steep-slope MLS listings. This is a curious omission considering that the Jackson County Soil Survey  provides the same information. Also please refer to Michael Sherrill's book, "1979-1999: Two Decades of Progress in Western North Carolina Soil Surveys."

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