Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Buncombe County Landslide Map Shows High Probability of Slope Failures

In June 2006 Buncombe County received applications for 23
major subdivisions encompassing more than 3000 acres of mountain slope development. Some of these applications were for High Carolina (1284 acres) Brittain Knob (279 acres) Phoenix Cove (73 acres) and Town Mountain Cove (175 acres). When this land is added to the approved and on going mountain resort development projects such as Reynolds Mountain, The Settings, Versant, Crest Mountain and SouthCliff, thousands of homes will have been built on unmapped and very likely unstable slopes.

The Buncombe County Hazard Mitigation Plan (August 23, 2004) stated that the steep slopes and fragile soils of Western North Carolina place Buncombe County at a high risk of a landslide. This report was issued just weeks before the catastrophic slope failures of September 2004.

What effect will the Buncombe County Landslide Stability Map have on the value of these now identified high risk properties?

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