Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mudslides and Landslides Affect Property Values in Western North Carolina

The following letter was printed by The Mountaineer on April 7, 2006.

"Home's stability has been restored"
by MPC

To the editor:

The Wednesday March 29 Mountaineer ran a front page article highlighting the mud slides that have damaged properties in Haywood County, and included a photograph of our property on U.S. 276.

The photograph was taken several years ago when we suffered major damage due to underground erosion by mountain streams beneath the surface, not by mud slides on the surface, and conveyed to the readers the impression that this property is unstable and therefore undesirable.

Extensive engineering work was done by the engineering firm of Bernell-Lammons of Asheville to investigate and determine the origin of the problem, and to recommend corrective measures to be taken. Over 200 feet of "French drains" were installed during the repair, covered by 9,000 cubic feet of dirt, to stabilize the mountain.

A year after the work was complete, the consulting engineer from Bernell-Lammons again inspected the mountain and declared that, "It's good for at least another 100 years."

This was confirmed when the devastating storms of September 2004, which caused much damage in the county, had no ill effect on this property. We thank the editors of The Mountaineer for printing this article, as the property is currently on the market, and we believe the homes here will provide exceptional housing for families for years to come.

Restoration Ministries International

Rev. John C. Briggs

Waynesville, North Carolina

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