Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scenic Wolf Resort Mudslide... Mars Hill, NC

During the first week in January 2008, a broken water pipe caused a mudslide at Scenic Mountain Resort. Jonathan Austin, editor of the News Record & Sentinel reported in his article, "Water break moves mud" that

"Frigid temperatures froze a water pipe at the Scenic Wolf Resort last week, causing a leak that sent mud flowing onto a street and up the steps of three nearby cabins. Resort officials said no one was injured and that work crews immediately went to work clearing the road and removing the wall of mud...Dick Wolfe, office manager/resort manager said temperatures at the resort dropped to three degrees last week, and the water pipe, which may feed snow blowers on the ski slopes, froze and broke "sometime on the night Wednesday or early in the morning Thursday." Mud flowed onto the steps and stoops of at least three cabins, but owners were occupying them and no guests were in the other. Guests scheduled for a cabin were redirected to another so they wouldn't be impacted by the pile of mud. Wolfe said he had crews working Thursday to clear the road, although on Friday, there was a distinct muddiness on the road and on some of the cabins. He said the resort might use water trucks to spray the mud away, and that the problem was short lived."

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